Throughout my life I have come to learn many techniques and exercises that are helpful in developing self love and awareness supporting the healing of emotional and physical pain among other things. Mostly, in my experience, it is about facing and deconstructing our past (and present) perceptions -our frame of mind- that creates what we feel as emotional wounds.

Facing these is challenging -to say the least- but once resolved it can be incredible liberating, not to mention rewarding. Now, free of burdens, all the wisdom comes to us along with compassion, we become whole.

Most of the tools I offer -and we sit down to figure out what is the best for you- is not something is done to you, it is going to be a process in which you are an active participant, I will be holding the sacred space for you. Without your effort, no real benefits can be experienced. If you are willing to be open and participating, you will see surprisingly effective results, created by you!

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